As I’m sure all of you have heard, Colorado has been ravaged by devastating floods that started on Wednesday, September 11th. Our beautiful little town of Lyons was hit particularly hard. Two rivers which flow from the Rockies converge in Lyons and were inundated — wiping out houses, bridges, and essentially carving a new river through town. I am speechless and heartbroken– this being the first natural disaster I’ve experienced.

So many of you have reached out over the last few days, I wanted to give you an update:

The town has lost all services – gas, water, sewage and electric. The National Guard is in the process of evacuating all 1500 residents. It’s too early to tell, but it may be months until services are restored and bridges are built. The water is still raging. There are so many photos of the destruction, I don’t know what to share. But I’m sure you’ve seen pictures on the news.

The amazing news is that no lives were lost. And, from what I’ve heard, the Workshop, located at a high point on Main Street, has been spared. They aren’t letting anyone in right now, though. All of our quilters who live in little towns around the Front Range of Colorado are safe and dry as well! I live in Boulder in an area that was unaffected, too.

Unfortunately, our production manager, Hannah’s, farm is underwater.  Still waiting for word on how the roots are holding. Thankfully, they just bought a house in the town of Longmont and are safe and dry there.

Overall, it could have been much worse! It will be months to rebuild our beautiful town, but Lyons is an amazing community and I have not doubt everyone will work hard to bring it back better than ever.

We’ve found a temporary space for Comma Workshop and are still up and running!

The Workshop in Lyons is essentially a hub — and our quilts are quilted in homes around the area. One of our customers in Boulder has already offered us a space to temporarily house the Workshop. I’m so touched by so many customers, fans, and supporters reaching out! It is so kind. We’ll be displaced for a while, but we’ll work through it!

We love our town!  For all quilts purchased this week, we’re donating a portion of the proceeds to the Lyons Community Foundation Relief Fund.  If you want to buy a quilt for the holidays, this is the best week to do it!

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